Saturday 22nd May 2021

Embrace the community spirit with Sidmouth Sea Fest 2021

Here at The Victoria Hotel seafood has a strong influence on our menus, which is no surprise as we're based in beautiful Sidmouth where fresh seafood is readily available. Aside from offering us delicious fish dishes, the sea makes for a wonderful view and will always be a part of the Victoria experience. With a shared love for all things sea based, Sidmouth celebrates Sea Fest every year, incorporating everything to do with the sea.

In 2021, their theme will be Rockpools, Reefs and Reconnecting and the event will take place on the 22nd May at The Ham in Sidmouth. The coastal celebrations are focused on the themes of environmentalism and sustainable development, responsible tourism and community spirit though creativity and fun. There's always activities for the whole family, local food and drink stalls and cultural highlights that are all free to enjoy.

Whatever the weather, Sidmouth Sea Fest is a day that needs to be experienced to be believed! If you've already booked in for a stay with us over the 22nd May, make sure you get involved. Or if you are looking for a reason to book a break, don't miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in local culture.