24th May 2021

Our New Bar - Bertie's

With the launch of our brand new bar, Bertie’s Bar, we thought we’d give you an insight into the meaning and stories into why we’ve chosen Bertie’s. 

Bertie is the eldest son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, Albert Edward, AKA “Bertie”, AKA King Edward VII, who was born in 1841 in London. He was a friendly, affable and well-liked man, but also had a reputation as a playboy who was more interested in women, horse racing, shooting, and drinking than fulfilling his royal duties. 

Having reported eating up to 7 meals a day, with champagne and lobster for breakfast, it’s fair to say he led a very lavish lifestyle. That’s why we thought it was more than accurate to name our brand new bar after the man himself. With a brand new menu and themed cocktails, of course including the famous Prince of Wales cocktail. 

With a brand new bar, soft furnishings featuring warm beige and blue tones, brass lights, chandeliers, walnut tables, as well as a gallery wall featuring a look into the life of King Bertie.

Next time you're at The Victoria Hotel, make sure you visit Bertie's - we'll see you there!