Safety Measures

For our hotel residents and day guests,  we’ve considered the entire customer journey to assess how we can keep you as safe as possible, whilst still giving you the outstanding ‘Brend’ experience we’re known for.

Please see Brend Hotel's 10 point plan below.

  1. Pre-arrival

  2. Arrival & check-in

  3. Common areas

  4. Bedrooms & bathrooms

  5. Spa & leisure facilities

  6. Food & drink

  7. Check-out

  8. Entertainment (School Holidays)

  9. Our people: training, hygiene and protection

  10. Localised Lockdown

1. Pre-arrival

You can book your stay online at or by calling our reservations team 01395 512651. Available from Tuesday 9th June, Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm and Reception will be operational at normal times from the 4th of July from 8am until 10.30pm.

The following procedures are for your peace of mind prior to your stay however, our guest relations team will be happy to talk to you if you have any further concerns or questions.

  1. We politely request that if you are displaying any symptoms of Covid-19 that you call us to postpone your stay. These include; A high temperature, a new and persistent cough and loss of taste and smell.  Find out more. 

  2.  We strongly recommend that you download the government-approved track and tracing app to ensure we are all alerted to any guests who may pose a risk of spreading Covid-19.

  3. If you have booked directly with us, our team will be in contact the week prior to your arrival and provide you with all the necessary information about your stay, our latest Covid-19 management processes and information about the local area. 

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                                                 * * * 

2. Arrival & check-in

  1. We politely request that if you are displaying any symptoms of Covid-19 that you do not enter the hotel. These include; A high temperature, a new and persistent cough and a loss of taste and smell. Find out more
  2. If possible, customers are requested to contact the hotel 15 minutes prior to arrival to ensure our meet and greet team are on hand to assist with your arrival and check-in, please be aware check-in is from 3 pm onwards.
  3. We have put in place signage on arrival and throughout the hotel detailing the guidelines, we have in place to protect you and our teams. Any guests or visitors displaying Covid-19 symptoms may be asked to leave the premises.
  4. If you have any questions or need assistance during your stay, simply dial 0 from the phone in your room.
  5. Hand sanitising stations will be provided at all entry and exits, customers will be required to sanitise before entering the hotel.
  6. Our check-in process has been streamlined to allow for a fast and reduced-contact experience, note that we will only be accepting debit and credit cards for the foreseeable future, to avoid the handling of cash.
  7. Reception areas have been reconfigured where necessary and marked out to ensure social distancing.
  8. All surfaces, screens, door handles and equipment will be regularly cleaned and sanitised throughout the day. We are increasing our housekeeping teams to deliver peace of mind. 
  9. If you have any special requirements please let us know before you arrive so we can make the necessary preparations with everybody’s safety in mind.

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                                                 * * * 

3. Common areas

  1. We have heightened and enhanced our cleaning procedures to include extensive cleaning of shared surfaces throughout the day

  2. We have set up hand sanitising stations throughout the hotel for you to use and we politely ask you use these when entering the hotel.

  3. We have equipped our customer toilets with sanitising hand wash at the basins, as well as contact-free hand dryers and/or disposable hand towels.

  4. To avoid overcrowding and unnecessary contact we ask that guests who are staying with us - where possible - use the bathrooms in their bedrooms.

  5. Signage has been put in place with guidance on usage of our lift. You are welcome to use the lifts and we will ensure they are regularly sanitised.  We ask that they are occupied by only one family group at a time. 

  6. When walking through the hotel we will ask that you please use your discretion and consideration by keeping with the Government's guidance. We have put in place floor markings and guidance signage throughout the hotel to assist.

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                                                 * * * 

4. Bedrooms & Bathrooms

  1. Every guest bedroom and en-suite will be fully sanitised before each stay and sealed to ensure no contamination occurs prior to your arrival.

  2. Fabric items such as mattresses, pillows, cushions, carpet, chairs and other furniture are sprayed with an approved sanitising solution, which is effective in killing Covid-19 but otherwise harmless to you and us.

  3. All surfaces are thoroughly wiped down and cleaned prior to your arrival.

  4. Linens, towels and robes are professionally washed on high heat, with added sanitisation. Slippers and all consumables are replaced before each stay.

  5. All printed material has been removed from your room to avoid cross-contamination.

  6. Our housekeeping teams undergo strict sanitisation prior to starting work and will wear the appropriate PPE during cleaning.

  7. Daily servicing by our housekeeping team will only be available upon request, should you require this service, rooms will need to be vacant and personal items including toiletries stowed away.

  8. Should you need items such as beverages, towels, etc... Please contact reception by dialling 0. Housekeeping will leave items outside the room. 

  9. Newspapers will be delivered and left on the floor outside your room.

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5. Spa & leisure facilities

Please note: The Victoria Hotel will not be offering treatments. And our pools will be closed until this regulation has lifted. 

                                                 * * * 

6. Food & drink

  1. We will be closed to non-residents for any services. 

  2. When you stay with us you can dine in your room or, where guidance and regulations permit, in the designated dining areas. Evening dining times will be agreed with you during your guest relation call prior to arrival, we respectfully always request that guests endeavour to adhere to times to ensure flow and guest safety. Please note, the jacket and tie rule for dinner in the main restaurant will be relaxed to smart casual.

  3. We have had to reduce the size of our menus offered, in order to ensure our kitchen teams can work safely.

  4. Both the Main Restaurant and The White Room will have the tables set out in such a way to ensure social distancing.

  5. We are able to offer flexible table configurations dependent upon your household size. Our guest relation team will call prior to your arrival to discuss these options with you and answer any questions you may have. Including large multi-generational family groups that where possible be located alongside each other

  6. We will be offering an a la carte breakfast for you to enjoy during your stay. To manage social distancing, tables and times will be allocated in both Main Restaurant and The White Room. 

  7. To maintain the social distancing guidelines, we will not be offering drinks at the bar instead, we will offer a full table service throughout the hotel's bars, restaurants and lounges. 

  8. We have created separate entry and exit points to our restaurants where possible, limiting contact and maintaining a social distance between all guests and our teams.

  9. We ask that guests who are staying with us use the bathrooms in their bedrooms. 

  10. Hand sanitising stations will be set up at the entry and exit points to use and should be used every time you enter or exit dining areas.

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                                                 * * * 

7. Check-out 

  1. A printed room bill will be placed under your door early on the morning of check out.

  2. To check out, all you need to do is leave your key in your room and we will automatically take payment for any extras using the debit or credit card details we hold on file, should you have any queries in relation to your bill, please call and speak to our guest relations team by dialling 0 from your room.

  3. If you did not book directly with the hotel, you will need to supply an email address to the reception team, if you require a copy of your bill.

  4. We ask that you use the hand sanitisers before leaving the hotel.

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8.  Entertainment (During School Holidays)

Where possible, the hotel will continue to offer entertainment. We will be using approved suppliers who we have a historic relationship with and who have been risk assessed to assure the safety of customers and guests - we will update you with more information as soon as possible. 

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9. Our people: training, hygiene and protection

  1. All of our hotel teams have undergone comprehensive hospitality-focused training on how to prevent the contagion of Covid-19.  We will continue to elevate our training as best practices evolve. 
  2. Any staff member who shows symptoms will be immediately sent home and will be required to self-isolate for 14 days prior to returning to work.
  3. Hand sanitising stations are located at all entry and exit points back of house for the teams to use.
  4. Brend Hotel operating procedures are clearly displayed throughout the back of house areas and extensive training given to all staff members.
  5. We have a dedicated team keeping up to date with any changes to government guidelines, this document is subject to change to ensure your safety.

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10. Localised Lockdown

If you have a stay booked and your place of residence falls into a "localised lockdown area", as per the Government guidelines non-essential travel will not be permitted, therefore you will be unable to stay during this time. For customers affected, please refer to our Covid 19 cancellation policy.

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*Please note: Subject to the latest guidelines we will be constantly reviewing our processes and precautions., This guide will be constantly updated to give you the very latest information.