A superb place to relax and unwind

The perfect way to unwind after a day exploring on the Sidmouth. 

You will love the warm and inviting atmosphere of our luxury Victoria Bar, a wonderful setting in which to enjoy a refreshing drink and some lively conversation with friends.

Spacious, beautifully decorated and softly lit by elegant chandeliers, this has to be one of the very best bars in Sidmouth. Just sink into one of our cosy armchairs and let us tempt you with our imaginative selection of fine wines, top quality beers and cocktails.

Before dinner, let the Victoria Bar serve you with a delicious aperitif or your choice of our freshly prepared canapés. After your meal, return to these convivial surroundings for coffee and liqueurs, to make the perfect end to your evening.

You will find that the Victoria Bar is a place where you will want to linger!