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Meet our Fantastic Florists

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Flowers make us feel loved and special and our hotels more alive and beautiful. Our floristry team fill our hotels with breathtaking blooms and bouquets of the seasons, the opulence of which are rarely seen in hotels outside of London. 

Regular guests will most likely have met our in-house florists and marvelled as they work, they often attract an audience! But did you know that Georgie and Clare-Louise head our floristry careers at the Victoria, straight out of college as fully qualified florists? Georgie remembers thinking she was going to stay for twelve months before moving on but instead she and Clare-Louise have formed a beautiful life long friendship. 

Georgie was initially employed for the Victoria and Clare-Louise at the Belmont, but their flair for exquisite floral displays was soon noted by Mr John Brend and their talents took them to the Devon Hotel in Exeter and the Carlyon Bay Hotel in Cornwall.

The enchanting arrangements are changed weekly in all the public areas and restaurants. At other times of the year such as Easter, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day, extra work goes into creating the inspiring scenes. Georgie and Clare-Louise and their team also organises the mother’s gifts given out to guests dining at our special luncheon on Mothering Sunday. 

“Georgie and I have worked together for 30 years, in that time our working relationship has turned into something quite unique and on a personal level a lifelong friendship has formed”


Did you know...

Beyond their skills in flower arranging, the dynamic duo and their team are also responsible for the magnificent festive decorations around all eleven Brend Hotels. It might surprise you to know that Georgie and Clare-Louise design and make all of the decorations themselves. Every wreath, garland and lavishly dressed tree, (are there more types of decorations to list here?) it is all down to months of planning, research and design. 

Starting from September, Clare-Louise and Georgie place orders for the 500+ hampers that they assemble in Sidmouth and distribute out to all our Christmas residents at many of the hotels. 

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